NIL is here. Where do I even start?

• This is the first question we get from student athletes, families, and brands. Start by educating yourself and taking quick Do It Yourself (DIY) action.

• AIM provides you with NIL education, resources, and community you need to get started on your NIL journey today.

• With the AIM community you can start learning life skills, building your brand, and seeking deals right away.

• Don’t get left behind. Start today. Your NIL journey begins here.

NIL is here. Where do I even start?

No. You may need professional representation someday, but we will show you how to start getting deals on your own in just a few short hours per week.

AIM provides the education and
support materials, like sample
contracts, you need to get started
right away. Learn how to start
getting deals today by clicking

Does AIM provide NIL representation?

Yes, in some cases. We represent select student athletes whose followership or deal level  require professional assistance. Learn more about AIM representation

Do I need an LLC? I heard it’s expensive and time consuming to start one.

Yes, it is a good idea in most cases for a student athlete to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or some other form of business entity, like an S-Corp, before entering into NIL deals.

An LLC or other form of busines entity gives you legal and financial protection. In many cases, the income “passes through” to you individually and you pay taxes on the net amount of revenue after
legitimate business expenses. An LLC or other form of busines entity also shields you from personal liability in the event of lawsuit or other business dispute.

In many states you can form an LLC online for $50 in a little over five minutes. Learn more about the law in your state here.

You strongly recommend consulting a lawyer and/or accountant before forming an LLC or other business entity.

I’m still in high school, am I allowed to seek NIL deals?

It depends on the law in your state. Some states, like California, allow NIL for high school athletes. Some do not. Learn more about the status of high school NIL in your state here.

We strongly recommend that you consult an attorney licensed in your state if you are still in high school to minimize any risk to your athletic eligibility.

My state doesn’t allow high school NIL, so why do I need NIL education and support?

Even if your state doesn’t currently allow high school, it may allow it in the near future. Also, you need to prepare yourself in high school so you can take immediate advantage of your NIL opportunities upon entering college.