What are the benefits of AIM’s online NIL DIY education model?


  • Save time by learning how } to make NIL income at your own pace, online.  
  • Save money by learning the basics of taxes, record keeping, and compliance. 
  • Gain real world experience by setting up and running your own business. 
  • Look professional with our athletic-influencer profiles and sample contracts.   
  • Be more attractive to future employers by developing your professional skills.  
  • Give back to a cause or community of your choice. 
  • Earn more followers, more engagement and more NIL income through social media and video content best practices.


  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child has the necessary tools to get started on their NIL journey.  
  • Ensure you and your family are protected legally by setting up a business entity. 
  • Get a head start by having your child learn NIL basics before they get to college. 


  • Save time and money by using AIM as your in-house NIL education team.
  • Assurance that your student-athletes are learning NIL and business skills from former college athletes with a high professional reputation for integrity and ethics. 
  • Reduce risk of non compliance.

Start enjoying these benefits and more. Become an AIM member today. Learn more here